About Thread & So

Thread & So is the reflections of a young couple (really, mostly her) living their life and sharing the moments they love. Throughout our lives together, we have inherited a passion for good food, healthy living, our dog, beautiful clothes, and a luscious head of hair (she calls it Leo). Honestly, Thread & So doesn’t have a traditional theme as most blogs do. This page is for us to share our passions with you, and that can include Style inspirations, our grooming routines, beauty tips, recipes, and anything else.


Pizza and Perrier
Photo Credit: Gregory Villarreal

Nabeel – The young man, born in Pennsylvania and raised in the greater DC area. He went to college at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, where he met his better half and received his degree in Electrical Engineering. He has spent the past 2 years residing in the Big Apple. You can expect the occasional food, men’s fashion, men’s grooming, fitness, and dog posts from him.

Maryam – The young woman. Born in Saudi Arabia, spent some time living in Pakistan, before her family finally moved to the US and settled in Atlanta. She’s currently finishing up her degree in college and eagerly awaiting the time when she can move to New York City. From her you can expect better food, women’s fashion, beauty, fitness, and hair posts.

Pizza and Perrier – Find out about us here


Pizza and Perrier

Marbel – Our dog. Marbel is a 4 year old lab/pit mix that we rescued when he was 1 month old. He was born in Atlanta and has moved with Pizza wherever life took them… Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, and now NYC. He’s very important to us, so be prepared for a few posts about him as well (and go follow him on Instagram!! @MarbelThePibble)



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