No Shave November – 5 Tips for the Beginner

November 8, 2016

Welcome to No Shave November. The only time of year where men can not shave for an entire month and say that it’s for a good cause. Because, remember, no shave November is to raise awareness for Cancer and that should not be forgotten. However, whether you’re a man reading this and want to ready yourself for the month, or you’re a woman reading this and want to help ease the pain of the men in your life (and your own in turn), there’s a few things you’ll need to know to help you get through the month.

5 No shave november tips

  1. Don’t Trim It

    After a week or two, your face will start itching pretty badly. You’ll have to deal with it. Most people’s first reaction is to trim it, but you’ll never be able to grow your facial hair without the itch. The itch comes from the shape of our hair from cutting it, essentially little spears that have finally gotten long enough to poke us. But, over time, the spears will dull and you will live comfortably again. Not only does that make the itch stop, it also makes the beard softer for snuggles.

  2. Get Some Beard Oil

    Buy some beard oil in the mean time (or just use a little coconut oil). You only need one or two drops to get your beard fully covered. I’ve found the linked one to be the best oil I’ve used, and I’ve had $6 beard oil as well as $40 beard oil ($40 beard oil sucks). The oil will help hydrate your skin, helping reduce the itch by softening your skin and the beard hair itself.

  3. Be OK with ugly phases

    You’ll eventually hit a phase where you look like you’re sleeping on someone’s couch because your lady left you. Heck, Maryam hates my in-between phases so much, that’s almost been a reality for me. But don’t give up, your ugly duckling will emerge as a stunning beard swan.

  4. Use a Brush

    While you’re going through these phases, a nice boar hair brush will work wonders. It’ll help your beard look tame, spread any oils evenly, and just overall soothe your skin. You don’t have to go crazy with a $75 brush (especially if you don’t plan on keeping your beard after November). Get this one for $10 on Amazon.

  5. Take Care of Your Skin

    Wash your face regularly, moisturize, etc. Don’t think that, just because you’re growing your beard out, you can stop caring about the skin beneath it.

They say a man with a beard has the patience to deal with anything. Enjoy the break from the razor and make sure you don’t forget the reason behind all of this.